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Honeymoon Gift List

Some of you have started to ask where our "Gift List" was, so if anyone is kind enough to want to give us something, this page explains all......

Having lived together for some years, we already have everything we need for our home. However, we have lined up our dream honeymoon.... at some cost!

We are very excited to be going to Canada - a place we have long wanted to visit for skiing, but can also now take the opportunity for that "once in a liftime" experience, so have added in some extra items to our plans!

Any contribution received towards this would be greatly appreciated. We would rather you know where the money is being spent, so have put some ideas below. If you want something to print out you can click on the 'voucher' link. However - feel free to do your own thing!!

Whatever you pay for.. we will endeavour to do, and report back with photographic evidence!

How to pay
British - Cheques payable to Paul Merchant.
swedish flagSvenskar – vänligen kontakta Hans Leyon på 031-690352 eller hans.leyon.01@ptj.se för mer information.

Part 1 - 5 nights in Vancouver

Flights – London to Vancouver, then Calgary to London - £480 each. Flight time is 9 hours out, 8 hours back.

1 hr of flight @ £28 (voucher)
2 hrs of flight @ £56 (voucher)

Double room at Fairmont Vancouver Hotel £74 per night for 5 nights.

1 night @ £74 (voucher)
2 nights @ £148 (voucher)

Whale Watching – Vancouver half day £66 each

1 person @ £66 (voucher)

Capilano Suspension bridge – suspended 230 feet (70m) above the river below! £12 each

1 person @ £12 (voucher)
2 people @ 24 (voucher)



Part 2: Vancouver to Banff on the Rocky Mountaineer (2 days)

Rocky Mountaineer Train Vancouver to Banff, 2 days Gold Leaf seats incl. meals £590 each.

30 miles @£35 (voucher)
50 miles @ £60 (voucher)
100 miles @ £120 (voucher)

Whilst staying overnight in Kamloops – Great Canadian Lumberjack show incl. buffet "A wild and entertaining show featuring an icon of Canada’s West—the lumberjack "
1 person @£16 (voucher)
2 people @£32 (voucher)


Part 3 Skiing in Banff

Double room at Banff Springs Hotel for 7 nights "Few hotels in the world can rival the majesty, hospitality and scenery of The Fairmont Banff Springs"

1 night @ £106 (voucher)

Evening Wildlife Safari"Travel through a variety of Banff landscapes, giving you the best chance to observe animals in their natural environment"
1 person @£18 (voucher)
2 people @£36 (voucher)

Ski /board rental for 6 days £9

1 day rental for both of us @£18 (voucher)

Lift pass Tri Area £30 per day, for 6 days each.

1 day ski-pass for one of us @£30 (voucher)
1 day ski-pass for both of us @£60 (voucher)

Sunday Brunch at Bow Valley Grill – (Banff Springs Hotel) "treat yourself to our world famous brunch...you will experience a tantalizing selection of unique and traditional brunch favorites..."Sunday brunch for 2 @ £34 (voucher)

Afternoon tea in Rundle Lounge(Banff Springs Hotel) £13.50 x 2

Afternoon tea for 2 @ £27 (voucher)

3 course meal at Banff Shire Club (Banff Springs Hotel) £51 x 2

Dinner for 1 @ £51 (voucher)
Dinner for 2 @ £102 (voucher)




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